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Reminder and example on homeowner loan buyback loan

A consulting company is primarily an organization specializing in the area of ​​credit redemption and interest rate renegotiation. A service mainly reserved for private owners of at least one property. However, the broker also offers solutions for homeowners. Discover through this article a reminder followed by a succinct example of buyback of credits for owner.

Buyback credit for owner: reminder!

Buyback credit for owner: reminder!

As a reminder, the repurchase of credit for owner is aimed at the profiles customers borrowers owning or accessing the property resident in France (excluding DOM). Indeed, what differentiates a repurchase of homeowner loan repurchase to a pool of tenant loans is indeed the aspect of owning real estate property.

The types of loans bought back are real estate loans and consumer loans. Student loans can also be refinanced in the event that the borrower is the guarantor for his/her child (ren). Business loans can also be bought out for the liberal professions only. Under certain conditions, it is eligible to restructure In Fine loans, as well as bridging loans or subsidized loans, or outstanding loans held abroad for the countries bordering the Eurozone and Switzerland.

Possibility of plan a cash flow or personal and/or professional overdrafts ( for the liberal professions ). The repurchase of credit for owner is an alternative for a family debt (ascending/descending) with proof of the debt, but also the opportunity to pay totally tax debts (except professional debts).

The loan consolidation offers to owners the ability to (x) the applicant (s) can get a cash comfort and one or more new projects. The amount of unallocated cash is ten thousand euros maximum. When to the affected projects:

  • Cars, boats, motorbikes, motorhomes, children’s studies, etc.: 30 000 € maximum
  • Works: up to 75 000 €

Example repurchase of credit for owner

Example repurchase of credit for owner

Today, interest rates remain historically low. An economic context that leaves many opportunities for credit holders to renegotiate their rate down and thus be able to save money by reducing the cost of borrowed money.

While the simple renegotiation of mortgage rates reduces the interest on mortgages, debt restructuring offers the advantage of being able to obtain lower interest on consumer loans. The mortgage repurchase market offers the opportunity to holders of real estate credit (s) and personal loans or consumer loans to generate a considerable profit.

In the case of an owner (s) with outstanding real estate loan (s) whose fixed debit interest rate is greater than 3% and the remaining term to be amortized is greater than 15 years, it is recommended that buy a homeowner loan in order to obtain a much more attractive interest rate of up to 1.70% over 15 years. Depending on the reduction in the depreciation period, the gain on operation may be greater than 40K €.

As discussed in the above-mentioned paragraph, the advantage of grouping homeowner loans is that non-real estate loans can be refinanced. However, in order to get the best credit redemption rate at the best rate plan must consist of a mortgage recovery of over sixty percent. As a result, consumer credit, whose rates are generally high, is smoothed with all the remaining capital due from the mortgage, and enjoys a real estate rate.

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