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The 4 questions regarding the purchase of loans and receivables

It is not uncommon for a borrower to be overwhelmed by his monthly payments. Fortunately we can rediscuss or group in case of several loans.

These two processes aim to reduce expenses as much as possible thanks to an interest rate discount or an extension of the repayment period.

What is a redemption of credits?

What is a redemption of credits?

A financial operation that can also be done by grouping a mortgage with consumer credit, personal loans, arrears of rent, overdrafts, etc. This is an offer that is a suitable solution to reduce the constraints related to the transfer of credits.

The redemption of credits makes it possible to have only one credit file. The lending institution is thus forced to reduce its interest rates in order to fulfill its obligation to the law to charge not more than a monthly charge suited to your fixed income.

The 33% debt ratio bar is not a debt restructuring index. Indeed, can be refinanced files whose debt ratio can reach 50% of debt provided that a remain to live is enough to allow to cope with household expenses daily while keeping control of the management budgetary.

Why make a loan consolidation?

Why make a loan consolidation?

With the case of continual increases in taxes (income, land), more and more households are struggling to make ends meet because of too large monthly payments cumulated. The best solution is undoubtedly to consolidate loans, but this is not always possible for everyone.

So from where the interest to address an intermediary specialized in operation of repurchase of the debts, and this in order to negotiate a reduction of the rates of credits, but also an extension of the duration of payment. The offers are often very attractive and vary from one brokerage company to another.

It is up to you to choose the one that is willing to make you benefit from an offer, the most adapted to your particular needs, because any situation of loan of money is unique.

What is a good credit redemption broker?

What is a good credit redemption broker?

In the face of the multiplication of credit redemption companies, it is not easy to choose the one to which one must turn to obtain a better result.

In France, many are indeed the credit redemption brokers Some key points need to be taken seriously to get on the good. Your broker should be willing to listen to you, reassure you and accompany you.

It is also important that it has at least regional coverage. An important asset to evaluate the price of a property. Also remember to check his experience in this business.

Then check the performance of its simulation tools. Finally, does it offer a varied range of bundled credit offers?


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