East Lancashire walk with river, springs and Iron Age fort site

This week’s suggested walk offers a mix of stunning scenery and important history.

Starting from the Admiral Lord Rodney pub, it begins to skirt Pendle Water. The route follows the hills towards Trawden before returning towards Colne and includes the site of an Iron Age fort and spectacular panoramic countryside views.

Notable points along the route include the 18th century Carry Bridge; the site of one of Colne’s first mills; the battle stone to mark the Battle of Brunanburgh which took place around 937; Castercliff – Iron Age hill fort; and the site of the old Spring Gardens mill. Our starting and ending point is the Admiral Lord Rodney’s pub in Mill Green.

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A much loved community pub based in the former South Valley area of ​​Colne, the former industrial heart of the city, it is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere as well as its range of real ales. Regular shows are offered and you have the choice of sitting by the open fires or sitting outside.

The route was first created by Visit Pendle and covers a distance of six and a half miles. This will take most people around four hours and as walkers remember to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the conditions.

  • From the Admiral Lord Rodney pub, cross the bridge and turn left along the path beside Colne Water until you reach the road at Carry Bridge. Do not cross the bridge. Turn right and after 40 meters take the old marked path to the right again until it joins a track. Continue straight until the path which leaves on the left at the level of a gate. Go up the path to the Mire Ridge road.
  • Turn left onto the road and at the sharp bend, where the road becomes Coal Pit Lane, turn right onto a farm track. At the kennel turn right towards Rings. At the house follow the signs to the left through the small fields then turn right keeping the wall on your right. At the gate stay on the same line to cross a ditch and a stile. Now head slightly further to the right to a large space in the wall in front of you. Continue to the houses and a path. Turn right and follow the uphill track. At the fork take the road on the left.
  • Go down the road to the left and at the first trail to the right. This goes up a drive and through small fields. After the last house turn right to a field gate. From there, go past the trees to a bridge. Cross the bridge and go through a gate uphill steeply to the left. Head to the right side of the house in front of you. Go through the gate and turn left. Turn left and go through a gate signed “Bob’s Footpath”. Cross a small wood then fields up to a stile at road level.
  • Turn left on the road and take the first path on the right. Head to the comms mast behind the house. Bear left home up a stile. Then turn right and keep the wall (and the mast) on your right until you reach a farm road. Go left then immediately right through a portal. Follow the path that goes to the right of the fence until you reach a stone stile.
  • Go left down the driveway and through a field gate to Moss Barn. Turn right in front of the house and continue through a gate and up to a stile. Enter the wood by turning left then immediately right and continue on two stone scaffolds before leaving the wood. Head for Walton Cross on the horizon. At the second stile, go half right to a sign post and down to a stream crossing. Climb in the same direction to a wall and follow it to the road.
  • Go straight across the field opposite to reach a bridge. Carry the left half to a gap in the fence and continue to a stud. Turn left to the corner of the field. Go through the gate and follow the sign for Colne. Take the gate on your left and follow the path around the farm buildings to a gate. Cross the farm road and continue past the large milking barns to a field.
  • Turn right at the side of the milking parlour, then left along the field. Then cross the stile to the field on the left and continue along the wall. Take the amount on the right and follow the path through a wood to a farm road.
  • Turn sharp left into the woods just before reaching the road. The trail passes to the left of Sweet Clough Farm. Cross the farm road to a stile and cross the field to a stile under a mature sycamore tree. Continue towards Hill End. At the bottom of an embankment before the house, branch left uphill and head up a stile just to the right of a row of houses.
  • Cross the road and take the amount in the field opposite. Go straight up and continue to the top of Castercliff. Continue up a stile (the direction is just to the left of the mobile phone mast). Continue to a farm track and down to a beacon post. Turn right and continue until a second markup. There are two amounts on the horizon. Go to the top. Follow the beacon posts to the road.
  • Cross the road straight ahead and follow a path that descends in front of a small reservoir. At the caravans continue straight. After a small field, turn left down a flight of stairs. Turn right at the bottom to return to the start of the walk and enjoy some well-deserved refreshments.

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